Real Estate Law


With years of experience navigating the real estate market in both up markets and down, JD Law Company, Inc. understands what it takes to be successful in this area of law. Our Real Estate practice covers a broad range of commercial real estate matters, including acquisition and sale, financing, development, leasing, land use, and litigation.


JD Law Company, Inc. assists clients in the evaluation and due diligence essential to the acquisition and sale of commercial, industrial and residential property. Jason Divelbiss effectively negotiates and documents the terms and conditions of purchase-sale agreements on behalf of individuals and business owners. In addition to transaction documents, he negotiates and prepares letters of intent, financing documents, LLC and ownership agreements, joint venture and development agreements, as well as other ancillary agreements.

Commercial Leasing:

JD Law Company, Inc. counsels landlords and tenants with regard to their commercial leasing matters. Jason Divelbiss understands the interests of lenders, landlords and tenants in leasing transactions. He uses this knowledge to draft and negotiate commercial leases for office, retail and warehouse/industrial space. Throughout lease negotiations, he helps clients meet their immediate needs while understanding and anticipating the day-to-day impact of their negotiated lease terms.


JD Law Company, Inc. represents buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants in their negotiations with financial institutions and Private Lenders. Whether for acquisition funding or refinancing, appropriate financial structures are crucial to the success of real estate transactions and business operations. Therefore, we carefully review financing documents to properly assess risks to change contract terms to lending terms and conditions are fair and will achieve our clients’ short-term and long-term goals.


JD Law Company, Inc. works with clients to limit their exposure to legal and financial liabilities. However, when controversies arise, we are prepare to advise our clients as to the best course of resolution.  Jason Divelbiss has experience handing real estate contract disputes, commercial landlord-tenant disputes, title and boundary disputes, as well as disputes among property owners. He also is well-versed in construction lien and payment disputes, having represented general contractors and subcontractors for many years.